November 28, 2021

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Church Services For Freedom Christian Center Church 
Church Services for Freedom Christian Center Church are being held at Faith Presbyterian Church, in Raytown, Missouri. -The address is 8301 James A. Reed Road, in Raytown, Missouri 64138 (At the corner of 83rd & James A. Reed Rd/Blue Ridge Blvd) - Sunday Life Service is at 1:00 PM.  Prayer and Bible Fellowship is on Thursday at 7 PM.  For more information call (816) 765-9915.

Sound of the Trumpet Televison Show - Kansas City Metro Area
Watch the Sound of the Trumpet Television Broadcast featuring Jeff Edwards, on Time Warner Cable Channel 4 in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The program airs on Sundays at 9 AM until 10 AM,  featuring The WordMongers Christian Drama Series.
Dr. Jeff Edwards
Jeff Edwards Ministries International
March 2015

Dear Constituent of JEMI:

Though I'm a little late, let me take this opportunity to greet you in this new year of 2015. I am believing that this will be a very purposeful year for you in the Lord.
Have Been in a Unique Season
Most of January and February I have been reflecting on a unique season where I have begun to see the first stages of a fresh manifestation and demonstration of the Lord's presence in the last part of 2014.  From October through December of 2014 I experienced this manifestation and demonstration in every church that I traveled to. In this unique manifestation and demonstration has been a continuous healing flow among other signs from the Lord. This was a dwelling sense of Gods presence that I hadn't seen on a consistent basis. In my 40 years of ministry I have seen sporatic manifestations and demonstrations of the Lord's presence, but not a continuous       dwelling like this.

During the last 2 months I have waited on the Lord for His instruction on where I go with this manifestation and demonstration of His presence. I know it can't be business as usual. I have been getting instructions on how this unique season fits into the commission that He has given me to my constituents and those who have been victims of oppression in the world.  We are also anticipating an agreement with a publisher for my next book. Finally, I have been seeking the Lord on how He would have me to steer the local church I pastor, and the leaders during this unique season.
I definitely appreciate your continued prayers and support as it relates to the travels in ministry this year and the overseas ministry. Please stand in agreement for a good and committed Publisher to partnership with us in my latest book and the many more that are being written. Pray for my immediate family for their healing and good health. Thank you for your partnership and support to me and the ministry that the Lord has graced me with and entrusted to my care. Visit my website at: 

Dr. Jeff Edwards
Jeff Edwards Ministries International

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J   E   M   I  
Jeff Edwards Ministries International
May, 2013

Dear Constituent,


As the spring months for 2013 begin, so begins my travel itinerary for the year.  As we want the rain and good weather to bring change and fruitfulness, so it is my desire to see the Word of the Lord and the move of His Spirit to be fruitful and productive as I travel the country and the world this year in ministering.

I Usually Travel over 100,000 Miles a Year
Besides the meetings in the United States, I will minister two different times in Australia and two different times in Trinidad-West Indeis.  Added to the overseas ministry-missions is a trip to Oxford, United Kingdom, and Eldored, Kenya-East Africa.  In my 38 years of traveling ministry I have never ministered in East Africa.  I have ministered several times in Sourth Africa and once in West Africa, but this will be the first time in East Africa. A fellow-minister has been working on me to come to Kenya for several years, and I felt the release of the Sprit to go this year.
I will need the prayers, financial help, and partnership of my constituents for the trip to England-United Kingdom, as this is a young work, and for Kenya, to defray the expenses related to that mission work.
Please pray about giving a one-time donation or monthly donations to support JEMI for these ministry-missions.  Since I am not a large ministry organization, I have to depend on my constituent partners to facilitate these ministry-mission opportunities.  If you would would like to make your tax-deductible donation through credit or debit card, please call our office at (816) 765-9915 or make your donation on line on the home page. 
I look forward to hearing from you.   
With Love and Expectation, 

Dr. Jeff Edwards
Jeff Edwards Ministries International

Dr. Jeff Edwards
  Jeff Edwards Ministries International Update
Preparing for the New Year January 2013


First, I want to apologize for not writing you sooner. I have been trying to write to my constituents since the beginning of 2013.

I traveled over 100,000 miles again in 2012 right up to the 31st of December when I got back home in Kansas City at 10 PM New Year's Eve to enjoy the coming in of the new year with my family and friends.

Since that time I have been preparing and adjusting for this new year. I have been attempting to get some projects started and some projects finished before I start the ministry itinerary for 2013. One of the projects is getting my latest book published. I haven't attempted to get a book published for a few years, and to my surprise the publishing market has changed quite a bit. Many book publishing companies did not survive what they have called "The Great Recession," as many churches have also struggled during this critical time. This has resulted in publishers taking a new approach in book publishing which puts most of the risk in the authors hand and kind of reveals a greed incentive on the publishers part, and a motive more of profit than ministry and purpose.

Then technology has changed and also effected the book publishing industry. Most people don't go to the bookstores very much, many of which also didn't survive the "Great Recession." We are now in an era of electronic readers, I-Pads, I-Tablets, I-Phones and Android cell phones that facilitate many people's reading needs.

I find myself even as an established author, arm-wrestling with publishing companies, especially when the book that I have written challenges the status-quo and the biblical academic community. The working title of my book (which may change) is Black Characters of Purpose in Scripture, which is the first part of the thoroughly researched book. I trace the thread of how blacks in Scripture were used in very strategic moments in Biblical history as a part of God's eternal purpose. I also challenge how academia has a put a negative slant to most of the characters that are traditionally known as black, and many other black characters which are not well known. The second part of the book is us under the theme of The Bible and it's Many Black Characters. This book takes my best selling book, Chosen - Not Cursed to the 50th power. It is heavily foot-noted and researched.

I had thought that the publishing industry had opened up to teaching that related to the black segment of the Church that had been neglected by major publishers in the pass. What I have found is that for a short time period some publishers opened up to Black or African-American Bible Literature or books that identified the black experience of the church and that brought better understanding to all segments of the church. It was literature that helped bridge the gap of understanding among the races. However, that period was short-lived and most publishers went back to business as usual which basically neglected the black segment of the Body of Christ.

I don't understand why this happened except that the desire of a few in leadership in major publishers to reach out to black authors and their experience in the church for a season, didn't trickle down to their staffs and employees who had achieved success in their eyes without reaching out to the black segment of the church.

I find myself fighting and arm-wrestling with the same situations that I met over 20 years ago in the early 1990's. In my civic responsibilities as the chairman of the legal-aide and economic development committee of the clergy group in my city, we are again fighting problems that were temporarily settled 30 years ago, but are now back on the table -- one being race relations in our city.

There is such a need to be active with the gospel of the Kingdom of God and in a very bold and confronting way and cross into every man's world in the midst of a immoral society that has lost ground in "righteousness that exalts a nation."

Your Partnership Is Essential

I need your support in prayer, prophetic proclamation, and finance for this year as we have scheduled multiple visits to Trinidad, West Indies and Australia as well as many cities throughout the United States doing conventions, conferences, anniversaries, leadership and pastoral seminars and special services.


The momentum in our steps toward the commission that the Lord has given to us for liberation must increase, and that can only happen with your help.

I remain, in partnership with you,

Dr. Jeff Edwards
Jeff Edwards Ministries International

phone: 816-765-9915

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