January 20, 2022

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Jeff Edwards Ministries International (JEMI), manages the national and international ministry for Jeff Edwards. As an itinerant minister since 1975, Jeff Edwards has traveled throughout the United States, Haiti, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, St. Vincent, Barbados, Dominica, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdoms and South America. He is the keynote speaker at many of the following functions: conventions, conferences, pastors conferences, dedication services, overseas crusades, civic meetings, college lectures, installation services, prophetic presbytery, baccalaureate services, biblical black history seminars, church government seminars, leadership seminars, city-wide ecumenical meetings, praise & worship seminars, youth conventions, rallies, unity conferences, graduation & commencement services, special services, book signings, black art festivals, men's meetings and conferences, marriage seminars and workshops, family conferences.

Jeff Edwards is featured in interviews on many radio and television programs across America and abroad. He is also the president of the Network of Urban Churches and Ministries which is a fellowship of like-vision churches and ministries. The ministry of Jeff Edwards is multifaceted, involving reaching the youth of this generation, ministering to other ministers, and breaking down racial, denominational, traditional and religious walls that have divided and hindered the church. This unique commission is especially directed toward seeing America's inner-cities and urban areas revitalized by the power of God, and establishing strong men, and restoring families. This commission has broadened to a national and international level in relation to the restoration of the black family and the black community.
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