Where Are All The Fathers 

Where Are All the Fathers
(The Detriment or Curse of a Fatherless Generation)

The greatest love that you can receive this side of heaven is a father‘s love, and most of us have never received it, says Dr. Edwards.  The revelation of this book was birthed out of the personal, seemingly negative and tragic experiences of his own life.  However, his mess was processed into a message to the Body of Christ.

The role of the father is almost non-existent in many of our communities, especially in the black community where fathers are missing in action in 70% of the families, and up to 80% in large urban areas.  This absence of fathers is a condition that many of our women have learned to live with and accept as the way things are.  What has been lost is a vision of how God intends it to be, and His desire to bring a restoration of fathers to their God-given roles, fathers who will ultimately reflect the fatherhood of God to a new generation
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